December 2013

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The Blue Hour
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The Penhaligan File
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The Tenth Circle by Jon Land

Thrillers Of The Month – December 2013

The Thrillers Of The Month are:

- Bad Moon Rising by Frances Di Plino

- The Dangerous Truth About Mad Catwomen by Joy Salisbury

- The Emerald Scepter by Paul Kemprecos

- Lies Of The Dead by Shauna Bickley

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   Bad Moon Rising by Frances Di Plino
Review by Charlotte Waller…

Bad Moon Rising by Frances di Plino is a dark, psychological cop thriller which centres on the handsome and justice driven Detective Inspector Paolo Storey. As multiple women keep turning up dead, Paolo has to race to find the killer with the help of his friends and colleagues.The book is very well written, complete with a brilliant mixture of danger, thrill and mystery, as well as believable characters that keep you invested in the story as it plays out. I enjoyed each character’s back story, and found it added even more depth – and crucial information on the case – to the overall plot.What particularly stood out to me were the many red herrings that successfully keep you guessing on who the real killer is. You might actually find yourself accusing some of the main characters of the crime.

The ending is also very believable because while the case is resolved, the characters still have their own lives to figure out and so leaving this open to interpretation was a great decision.

Rating: A brilliant mixture of danger, thrill and mystery

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   The Dangerous Truth About Mad Catwomen by Joy Salisbury
Review by RR Gordon, author of the bestselling Gull Rock

Etta Bishop has been hiding in plain sight for five years as Winciette Jenkins running an ice cream van on the south coast of England – but now the past is closing in on her.
The subject matter of this story is of particular interest to me, which made for an enticing read. The lovingly detailed descriptions show a passion for the both the locations and the characters: Winciette, the former nightclub singer and spy, now melting into the background; her admirer Ted Hicks, the chairman of the Beach Hut Owners association; Bobby the man she left in a coma who is now out to find her and Jack the ex-soldier who she enlists to help her. All are engaging characters.
In fact the whole story is well-crafted and a delightful, more-ish read – highly recommended.

Rating: A cracking yarn!

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   The Emerald Scepter by Paul Kemprecos
Review by Leslie Gardner…

Reading this ambitious and accessible international crime thriller has been a refreshing and energising activity: ‘refreshing’ because the women are strong, expert and smart without a whiff of the usual patronising attitude of the storyteller; ‘energetic’ because we are moved swiftly through history and event with confidence.

this closely honed, action-packed thriller is about an ancient hoard hidden away by powerful actors, with myriad agendas (maybe too many!) from a set of evil twins, an aggressive Army corps with corrupt and possibly double-faced agents, and murderous AWOL religious fanatics, with the highest stakes involving Afghanistani, US and Pakistani interests.

The central figure (although this focus shifts throughout in satisfying ways) Hawkins, is eccentric and savvy in the ways of the Army, with intriguing engineering skills and with contacts both professionally and intimately (his ex is a brilliant logistical strategist and there are still sparks). The author deftly traverses the centuries starting in medieval times when the glamorous, precious hoard is secreted to centuries later, when all converges – including a crank, lethal American right-wing group with a leader going off the rails who has designs on that sceptre when his plans went awry in Afghanistan years later  traced by an attractive archaeological researcher who make the first steps to find the hoard, involving a secret fanatic posing as a colleague. Hawkins lives out his past and settles scores while Sutherland, a feisty operator, hired by him, gets her way with his enemies. Abby, the ex-wife and strategist orchestrates an escape and a rescue mission.

the pace is fast, the costs high (even if there are maybe too many) and the resolution satisfying. the downsides – locations are given short shrift (everywhere feels the same, wherever and whenever), and sometimes the characters are out of Hollywood casting. But the positives definitely outweigh these elements in this satisfying thriller.

Rating: Highly recommended!

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   Lies Of The Dead by Shauna Bickley
Review by Jane Brown …

I just could not put this book down; and read this it one sitting- the storyline was intriguing from page one. This is reminiscent of the Robert Goddard books, with so many twists and tales. Shauna Bickleys Characters are believable.

This is a book in two sections, the first half set in a seaside town of Cornwall and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Toms and Andi’s brother Liam. This part moves on almost gently. The second part moves on at a quicker pace with a darker more evil side, yet at the same time there is a romance element too.

The style of writing is good and is easy to read. For anyone looking for a well written good mystery thriller with a believable human element look no further.

This is the first Shauna Bickley book I have read and I am now downloading her previous books – I am certainly hooked.

Rating: Unputdownable.

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