November 2013

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Thrillers Of The Month – November 2013

This month featuring

- Wounded Prey by Sean Lynch, published by Exhibit A Books

- Final Mercy by Frank J Edwards

- The Macabre Mind of Lori R Lopez by Lori R Lopez

- The Evil Beneath by AJ Waines

- What She Saw by Sheila Lowe

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   Wounded Prey by Sean Lynch
Review by Leslie Gardner

Okay let’s forget that there are strained repetitions and some over-writing; this is a tough and at same time deeply empathetic story of rough men in police and in military who are up against it: demons out there, and demons inside.

Although the story line of a monstrous soldier gone wrong is not always convincing (would top echelon FBI or high rank soldiers really allow a maniac psychotic, repeat child-killer, loose, I mean for any reason at all? And would his fellow cops really let a rookie cop who could not take him on, become a scapegoat in so clearly an unfair manner.)

But it’s got good dramatic OTT characters and event and right in the middle is a decent man with his own demons, Farrell, who has been tracking this particular monster since his days as a military cop. The women are strong and heroic, from the teacher who gets slaughtered trying to save her pupil to the nurses and waitresses who service these guys.

Slocum is an unthinking fearsome hulk and comes to be emblematic of what war is and what it does to people. This is really adept and fast-paced if maybe unremitting in its drive to serve up the most gruesome kinds of crimes against humanity, as if daring us to read on. Really impressive for all that, and highly recommendable writing. and in hair-raising Grand Guignol style, they get him in the end with bodies laid waste. My experience was to read this faster and faster to see what was coming.

Rating: Really impressive!

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   Final Mercy by Frank J Edwards
Review by Leslie Gardner

Compelling and competent, despite pulling out all the emotive formulae of medical crime fiction, this is solid and terrific entertainment. There is the truly wicked and mad doctor who deceives almost everyone except our stalwart upright and sympathetic central protagonist. Even ‘the girl’ surmounts personal disability not only to perform a difficult task as journalist, but she physically withstanding and escapes the murderous and increasingly insane doctor. We also have the sense that this must be how institutions work, since we have all been in hospital and watched the goings on among staff and doctors, etc. out of the corner of our eye. Our real-life suspicions are confirmed!

The variety of characters in this setting underscores its authenticity too, and when we read the author’s biography we note just why. The genuine sureness in the context only slips as the evil doctor’s madness escalates and we move outside the institution, and a sense of contrivance invades – the elder statesman, John Forest’s mentor, returns and is pretty immediately targeted by Witner, the mad interim director (who is in danger somehow of becoming permanent director since he manages to deceive everyone): and we see first murderous attempts by an accolade of Witner’s (whose mind we enter at crucial moments to find out what’s going on, or else we are going to be deceived too, and won’t realise what’s at stake – so that deft way this author has of making us feel like we are smarter than the characters kicks in wonderfully well!) and then when that fails, we see Witner directly attempting to kill the man while he is under guard and in hospital (is there no security?) and it starts to feel a bit OTT.

The ending speeds things up and heightens tensions which do begin to feel rushed and artificial, but, in fact, it all happens to fast and the author is so adept, it only occurred to me afterwards. (And then there is the slightly patched together love story…oh well; it adds spice and ardor.)

I’d recommend this for a good light and solidly engaging read.

Rating: A solidly engaging read.

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 The Macabre Mind of Lori R Lopez
Review by Helen Hayes

Although a prolific author of (award winning) short stories I had never come across Lori R. Lopez before reading this book. She has an arresting and often humorous style and The Macabre Mind is a whistle-stop tour of her off-beat quirky world!

The Macabre Mind is a collection of 13 dark and different short stories – perfect for Halloween – mixing horror and fantasy. This is a great introduction to Lori R. Lopez’s work if you, like me, are new to her. She has a unique writing style that young adults will love; (although maybe not for younger children!) and her interlinking stories pull you into a world created by her powerful and compelling imagination.  This collection is full of everything you could want from a fantasy horror story with ghosts, zombies, creatures from other worlds and more. Full of brooding suspense as well as laugh out loud moments your mind gets carried along twisting and turning through each story.

This is a collection for those who enjoy reading for fun, unravel your imagination and immerse yourself in Lori’s utterly unique style of horror writing.

Rating: Utterly unique.

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 The Evil Beneath by AJ Waines
Review by Wendy Cartmell

The Evil Beneath is a page turning thriller with lots of psychological insights, as the main protagonist is a psychotherapist, who is unwillingly dragged into a police investigation, when a female body is dragged out of the River Thames, wearing her clothes. I found the river and bridge references really interesting as Juliet Grey and DCI Brad Madison race their way around London trying to solve the clues sent by the killer and find the bodies.

The various story threads are expertly woven together, with several red herrings thown in for good measure, before the identity of the killer is revealed.

I loved the way each character was brought to life through their own foibles and problems and thought the growing attraction between Juliet and Brad was well done, keeping the magnetism fizzing along throughout the book. This is an absorbing read and the author A J Waines draws on her many years experience as a psychotherapist, some of which were spent with clients in high security prisons.

A professionally crafted and produced e-thriller from an independent author.

Rating: Well-crafted.

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 What She Saw by Sheila Lowe
Review by Jane Brown 

Shelia Lowe has written a number of thriller books with Claudia Rose the handwriting expert. Although she features in this novel, this time she has written this new book as a stand alone thriller.

This is the first book I have read and wonder why I have missed this author – not anymore, I am hooked.

This is an edge of you seat psychological thriller, it starts of at a fast pace with so many twists and surprises. The main character has amnesia and goes through a tangled web where nothing is as it seems.

What exactly is going on at her place of work, what exactly is project 42? , what has taken place in her past that she cannot remember and where is her boss in all of this?  These are just some of the questions she needs answers to fast.

This story has repercussions all the way to the White House.

Gripping fast paced and the reader wants the answers too.

Highly recommended.

Rating: A fantastic read and a compelling page turner

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