July 2013

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Thrillers Of The Month - July 2013

This month featuring

- Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan, published by Vintage (Random House)

- The Ballad Of Jacob Peck by Debra Komar, published by Goose Lane Editions

- Exit Reality by Robert S Wilson, published by Blood Bound Books

- Hidden Order by Brad Thor, published by Simon & Schuster

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    Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan
Review by RR Gordon, author of the bestselling Gull Rock

It’s easy to review an Ian McEwan novel: they’re always good reads with well-crafted prose and fine characterisation – and this book is no different.

Sweet Tooth tells the story of a girl at Cambridge who is recruited by MI5 in the 70′s and the book title comes from the name of the espionage operation in which she becomes involved.

The story is told from the perspective of the girl who is now in her sixties. The book is an odd mixture of spy novel and 1970′s love story with many literary references. The main character, Serena, is always believable and likeable, young and idealistic and this is a really enjoyable story.

Don’t buy this book if you are expecting something similar to Le Carre and you may, like me, feel more like you are in the 50′s than the 70′s, but that aside the book is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Rating: Well-crafted!

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    The Ballad of Jacob Peck by Debra Komar
Review by Ronda Caudill…

The Ballad of Jacob Beck by Debra Komar is an intriguing story of a man (Amos Babcock) who brutally murdered his sister (Mercy Hall) claiming he was instructed to do so by God. The story is set in 1805 and chronicles the trial and execution of Amos Babcock.

This tragic story demonstrates how isolation coupled with religious mania is able to change poverty stricken yet good hard-working people into violent people.

The Ballad of Jacob Peck is wonderfully written with historically correct information. It is a very fascinating and informative read. Debra Komar did a wonderful job with this book. This is a must read and I highly recommend it.

Rating: Must read.

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    Exit Reality by Robert S Wilson
Review by Leslie Gardner…

Robert S. Wilson’s novella may be constructed on ideas we’ve seen before in play (mostly from Wilson’s acknowledged source of inspiration, Philip K Dick), but it is original and grips hard on the psyche. Its length makes it all the more effective.

It is about the grip of a cyber virus on the mind, and the quest by a brilliant and very human cop to find the vicious criminal organisation at bottom of it all. The ending is a double twist and affirms the basic conviction of the author that human values, good and bad, are what we are left with.

It is a compelling story too of love and its aftermath. I found this gripping and look forward to reading more in this speculative crime futuristic world which the author hints is coming.

Rating: Gripping.

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    Hidden Order by Brad Thor
Review by Wendy Cartmell…

This was my first Scot Harvath novel by Brad Thor. Even though it’s a way along the line in the series, that made no difference. I didn’t feel I had missed anything and in fact it has made me want to read the previous novels.

In Hidden Order, the action starts with the killing of one of the five candidates for the top position in a secret agency and it really doesn’t let up for the whole of the book. Lydia Ryan follows her own path in the intelligence community tracking down the killers and counter terrorism operative Scot Harvath follows his, accompanied by a female police detective. These two strands run side by side until they eventually collide.

Thor is a master of back story, weaving in the personal background of his characters with little vignettes of action. There are clues to interpret, puzzles to solve and a load of Boston history to digest, which I found really interesting. This complex book has a well thought out plot with a rollicking pace and would be a great summer beach read.

Rating: Great summer beach read.

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