October 2012

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Book Of The Month – October 2012

This month featuring
- Baptism by Max Kinnings
- Memoria by Alex Bobl
- The Color Of Greed by Jack Thompson
- Crusher by Niall Leonard

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Baptism by Max Kinnings
Murder On The Underground – Review by Sophie Scott
BAPTISM by Max Kinnings, the first in a series of novels featuring the blind hostage negotiator, Ed Mallory. Published by Quercus Books.
Four hundred hostages are on board a London tube train hijacked by Christian fundamentalists. And the waters are rising.
Kinnings launches the reader into the action of this taut piece, told from the POV of multiple characters. Never losing the focus of a spiraling story, he intertwines the detail of the main plotline with acute renderings of the ordinary public responding to their extraordinary circumstances. It’s a strange book to be reading on a tube. While I’ve read more explicitly, disgustingly scary plots, this feels closer to home than many.
The investigation will not last days; merely a few hours. Ratcheting up the tension as the minutes pass before the reader’s eyes (literally, every chapter begins with a count down of the clock), Kinnings succeeds in making us care about, and fear for, everyone trapped on that tube. He has an eye for the detail of violence, which he witnesses factually while losing none of the graphics of the gore – it is his characters’ (and the reader’s) reactions that give it stomach-punching power. He makes the weirdness of religious fanaticism pulse with absolute conviction. Mallory’s blindness attunes him to the minutiae of body language – he can’t see it, but he can hear and smell it. Kinnings imbues his book with the sounds, smells, and heartbeats of human fear. He captures the memories of life people – we – fear to lose. Let’s hope his imagination isn’t ‘one step ahead’ of the terrorists’.
‘Nothing can recreate terror other than terror itself’, and Max Kinnings.
Rating: Expertly human page-turner. Wait for the guide dog.
Where To Buy:
Author website: http://www.maxkinnings.com/home.html
Memoria by Alex Bobl
A Thought Provoking Dystopian – Review by Charlotte Waller
In a futuristic world where the option to have traumatic memories erased often becomes a necessity, Frank has even more to deal with than just his past. Memoria by Alex Bobl is easily described as a dystopian action novel, with tons of secrets and speculations entwined within the story. It starts off with Frank heading home to his girlfriend, who he soon finds out has been murdered. Not only does he have to deal with this traumatic event, he is forced to go on the run when he becomes the main suspect. Finding out the truth and clearing his name is almost an impossible task with Memoria in his way.This was a really well written and action packed book that I enjoyed thoroughly. I loved the concept of Memoria. Messing with memories is a scary thing to think about.
The characters really made this book for me though. I really liked Frank the most, and followed his journey with eager eyes. His growing chemistry with the other characters allowed me to get to know him. Overall, a very well thought out and exciting novel.
Rating: Excitingly Thrilling
Where To Buy:
Author: Alex Bobl is a Russian author of 11 published action/adventure novels, some of which have been translated into German and Polish. Memoria is the first of his books that is available in English. Memoria is published by Sky Bridge, an indie press specializing in speculative fiction.
The Color Of Greed by Jack Thompson
A Classic Thriller – Review by Mike Smith
A few weeks ago I caught an old episode of the Rockford Files on one of the gazillion channels that we have these days and it took me back to the golden era of detective shows on TV: Ironsides, Columbo, Kojak. They don’t make ‘em like that any more … or do they?
The Color Of Greed isn’t going to win the Booker prize, but I don’t suppose the author, Jack Thompson, had that in mind when he created his private investigator, Raja Williams. The story’s leading man is a wealthy, Oxford-educated philanthropist of Jamaican descent who tells it like it is, but, underneath the blunt exterior, he wants to catch the bad guys.
Jack Thompson doesn’t stray far from the beaten track of the classic detective thriller: a rich heiress wants the death of her husband investigated but the police are denying that there was any evidence of foul play. Raja Williams takes the case – no payment required as he already has his own private jet and money to burn.
In running www.e-thriller.com I get to read – or at least start – a number of books that follow this proven formula, but The Color Of Greed is well-written, has a good plot and the dialogue works. And yes, we would all like to be Raja Williams with a private jet and the ladies falling at our feet.
Jack Thompson gives his readers what they want: a good plot with a central character painted in bold colours. Who loves ya, baby?!
Rating: Classic Thriller
Where To Buy:
Author Website: www.jackwrites.com
Crusher by Niall Leonard
Crusher by Niall Leonard,
a Young Adult thriller published by Random House,
Review by Helen Hayes

Finn Maguire’s world is turned upside down when he arrives home to find his stepfather has been brutally murdered. Viewed with suspicion by the police and those that should be looking after him, Finn struggles to cope with his grief as his formerly uneventful life unravels around him. Abandoned by his mother, only 17 and stuck in a dead end job without prospects Finn is tough, smart and determined to find his father’s murderer – when it seems that no-one else will.
When Finn discovers that his father was writing a docu-drama about a notorious gangster, he begins to suspect that perhaps his father’s research for his fictional work may have become all too real. His subsequent descent into London’s gritty underworld of crime to seek out his father’s murderer is fast-paced, entertaining and full of twists as Finn searches for answers, exposing dark family secrets and facing danger at every turn.
I must say that I had a lot of fun following Finn’s adventures, the pace lurching from dramatic knife fights to the drudgery of Finn’s work in the kitchen of a west-end restaurant. Niall Leonard doesn’t patronise his teen audience. There are violence, swearing and drug references littered throughout and it feels refreshing to read a book that reflects this realism.
Crusher is a fine debut novel from Niall Leonard (husband of E L James, of Fifty Shades fame) the first of the three he has been commissioned to write.
Rating: Pacy and engaging thriller for young adults
Where To Buy:
Author Website: http://www.niallleonard.com
Additional Comments by Emily Zavala Platt, aged 14
Crusher is an unpredictable book, full of action. I really enjoyed reading it, once I started I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished. I highly recommend it to older teenagers and young adults, but not to under-12s due to the strong language and sexual references.

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