September 2012

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Book Of The Month – September 2012

This month featuring
- Soul Mates by CL Gordon
- Mean by Renata F. Barcelos
- Full Disclosure by Eric J Gates

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Soul Mates by CL Gordon
Review by Mike Smith
Like the idea behind one of his own stories, Philip K Dick may have re-incarnated himself in the form of CL Gordon. Reminiscent of We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (filmed as Total Recall) or The Minority Report, this book takes the germ of an idea – in this case, the desire to read someone’s thoughts – and weaves it into a short thriller.
I’m in two minds about short stories – frustratingly they often just seem like a window onto a longer story – but CL Gordon expertly crams in the beginning, the middle and the eerie ending.
What are you looking for in a story? A pleasant read? A page-turner? Beautiful literary prose? Or something that makes you think? This one is most definitely the latter – you’ll remember this story for a long time.
P.S. When you’ve read it, go back and study the cover again. Nice work.
Rating: Makes You Think (which is often uncomfortable!)
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Mean by Renata F. Barcelos
A Chilling and Captivating Novelette – Review by Charlotte Waller
Despite being a novelette, Mean by Renata F. Barcelos is captivating from the very first sentence. It starts off with the reader being let into the chilling mind of Cassandra Connelly, hinting at the deep but downright scary thoughts to come.
The unique style of writing makes this thriller even more exciting, as Cassandra could well be talking to the reader themselves. We soon find out that the whole story is her side of the conversation with her therapist and because the reader is seeing the whole thing through Cassandra’s eyes, it makes it even more chilling, especially as she has the urge to kill someone.
This mystery person who has angered Cassandra is only revealed at the end, keeping the reader literally on the edge of their seat. There are hints here and there as to who this person is, and you might not be as surprised at the end when all is revealed.
Rating: Psychologically Thrilling
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Full Disclosure by Eric J Gates
Review by Debbie Cullen
The scene is set by a series of events a few months earlier, culminating to the present where the main tension starts to take shape and hook you in.
An unsuspecting American small town in the middle of no-where suddenly becomes the focus of intense action by the secret service and the military; the President addresses the nation on television with the cause of such drastic, national action.
However, not everything is as it seems and soon there’s an undercurrent that the local sheriff is getting uncomfortable about; something is not right! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s exceptionally well written and does make you want to know just what is going on; what secrets are being hidden; who can you trust.
The only down side for me was reading it on a Kindle as it can get a bit confusing at the beginning, however, if it were a paperback, a quick flip back would soon clear the picture again. But don’t let this put you off, I’d highly recommend it.
Rating: Intriguing Thriller
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