Steps To Heaven

Meet Sergeant Major Crane. A Special Investigations Branch Detective in the British Army. An Afghanistan veteran has murdered his wife and six year old son and then committed suicide. Soon there are similar horrific murders around the country. Crane starts to investigate the local Church Solomon was attending. Is the Church offering salvation? Or is it forcing people to take the first, untimely Steps to Heaven?
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Gull Rock

This fast-paced tale of a man on the run who falls in love has already made No.1 in the Mystery Series bestseller list on Amazon and is set to become the e-book sensation of the year ... Click here for details ...

Before Her Eyes

USA Today and Amazon best selling author Rebecca Forster takes you to the wilds of Oregon in this BAP Readers Choice for Best Mystery where the execution of a local grocer and disappearance of a world renowned model leave Sheriff Dove Connelly looking for a reason, a killer, and a woman running for her life. Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK